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Top 13 LED Light for Bedroom

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Are you looking for bedroom lights? Then read this entire blog before making a decision. Bedroom is your personal area where you want to feel cozy after working hard in your office or business. For sleeping, the darker the better. But the bedroom is not only for sleeping, it includes many activities during other times. So, lighting a bedroom is somewhat important. The right type of lighting can make your bedroom suitable for reading, relaxing, getting ready, and romance.

You can go minimalist or go full overboard to decorate your bedroom with unique lights. There is some research that shows some lighting conditions actually help you to relax and sleep better. It also rejuvenates your brain and body functions. So, not only for decoration but also you will be benefited from installing bedroom oriented lights.

If you layer your lights from ceiling to side walls to bedside lamps, you will get a much more option to set up the light depending on your mood and activity. For bedroom you can choose flush mount fixture, semi-flush mount fixture, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fan with built in light, recessed lighting, track lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps,and bedside lamps. In the fixtures you will need bulbs that are rated at 3000K or less to get a warm and cozy light temperature for your bedroom.

Don’t get puzzled by seeing all these lighting categories. Each has its own properties and application. Based on your personal preference and the outlook of your bedroom you have to decide what type of lighting will be best for you. But you don’t have to dig down into the pit. We have made a thorough research and are going to provide you with 13 top LED lights that are suitable for your bedroom.

1. OSTWIN 6 Inch LED Ceiling Light

OSTWIN 6 Inch LED Ceiling Light
This is a low profile yet high efficiency LED ceiling light. If you are planning to get a minimalist look, then this light will be the best possible solution. The LED light is slim in design and can be installed in recessed can or junction box.

This dimmable light has an acrylic matte lens on top to disperse even light throughout the bedroom. The chips used in this light are reliable for consistent and bright lighting.

Highlighted Features
  • Ostwin disk light uses only 15W bulb
  • Produces 1100 lumens
  • Integrated LED chips
  • Has a lifespan of 54,000 hours
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Smooth dimming features range from 10-100%

Brand: Ostwin
Model: OW-LDS01-6D1530W-4-PACK
Item Weight: 9.6 Ounce

  • ETL and Energy Star certified
  • No flickering, noise or annoying glare
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Says no flicker, but they flicker
  • Lens on the fixture is not fully lit

2. Photo Clip String Lights 17Ft – 50 LED

 Photo Clip String Lights 17Ft - 50 LED
If you are looking for decoration lights that are durable and cost efficient then you will probably like this product. It’s a LED photo clips string light. You may put your favourite moments in life or postcards making it a photo wall decor of memories recorded by your camera or polaroids.

Photo string lights with clips is the perfect item for you to light up your space as twinkle lights with clips and photo clip lights for the bedroom.Most importantly it’s clips can be free adjust, the small string lights allow you to assemble it into different kind of decoration with no limitation.

Highlighted Features
  • 50 LED String Lights total length 17Ft, 10cm between 2 bulbs
  • Allows you to free adjustment any sizes on the led string lights for picture
  • Transparent clip
  • Create excellent illumination and a warm atmosphere
  • It is portable and can be mounted anywhere for ambiance decoration

Model: 8542001382
Item Weight: 4 Ounce

  • Requires 3 x AA Batteries
  • It is portable and won’t fail easily with continuous lighting
  • It is indispensable for festival decoration
  • It is not only a perfect string light for bedroom
  • It is also an outdoor or indoor string lights
  • Decoration possible without the photo pins
  • May smoke out
  • Flimsy quality clips
  • Lights start to become dark

3. OSTWIN 18″ LED Flush Mount

This is attractive and easily turns on and dims. It can get incredibly bright, the light is perfect and not will not blind you like some LED lights. The white acrylic shade provides a soft and natural glow and it has a stylish saturn design. This light is dimming compatible and can be adjusted to some well known dimmers.
You can choose between color temperature options- warm light, bright light and daylight. You can also choose the size of this lamp. There are two stylish finish types for you to choose- nickel finish and oil rubbed bronze finish.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses only 28W (equivalent to 180W Incascedent bulb)
  • Produces 1960 lumens
  • LED chips provide
  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Modern light fixture is suitable for damp locations
  • Smooth dimming features that range from 10-100%

Brand: Ostwin
Model: OW-LFMDR-18D283-NK
Item Weight: 4.3 Pound

  • Energy Star certified
  • Highest quality standards for safe operation
  • No flickering, noise or annoying glare at any level
  • Compatible with most standard LED dimmers
  • Easy to install and all mounting hardware
  • Installation is not easy as advertised
  • Harsh light color
  • Materials are very flimsy

4. Lithonia Lighting Round LED Flush Mount

Lithonia Lighting Round LED Flush Mount
The lithonia Integrated LED fixtures last up to 5 times as many hours as LED light bulbs or 50 times longer than incandescent light bulbs without losing any brightness. It is maintenance free and you don’t need to worry about LEDs burning out which happens often when LED light bulbs are installed in older fixtures that are not compatible. This LED fixture does not generate as much heat as light bulbs because the fixture is designed to disperse heat efficiently and it turns on almost instantly.

Highlighted Features
  • Very bright LEDs deliver general ambient lighting
  • Surface-mount ceiling application
  • Cost-efficient LEDs
  • Designed to last 30,000 hours
  • Fixture works with most standard dimmers
  • Leviton and Lutron allowing the right level of light output
  • 14” units produce 2,100 lumens
  • 4000K cool white color temperature

Brand: Lithonia-Lighting
Model: FMLRDL 14 21840 M4
Item Weight: 1 Pound

  • Energy Star certified
  • Save you hundreds of dollars every year
  • Meets highest standards and certified for damp locations
  • Hidden cam-latches provide easy diffuser removal
  • Easy to install and maintenance
  • Light may flicker
  • Tend to fail in a few months
  • Very cheap material

5. Premium 14″ Flush Mount LED Ceiling Light Fixture with Motion Sensor

Premium 14
The light works well enough, it’s super bright, and can be controlled in color, brightness, time of illumination and motion sensitivity. This LED ceiling light is all about saving energy. The ambient light sensor is built in to prevent the light from turning on during day time when motion is detected. As for night mode, the light will dim down to 10% brightness and warm white when this mode is on.

Highlighted Features
  • There are 4 timer options for auto shut-off
  • The brightness of the light can be adjusted from the 10% intensity to 100% intensity
  • Light color temperature can also be adjusted between 2700K (warm white) to 5000K (cool white)
  • 14″ flush mount ceiling light has a built-in smart motion detector

Brand: Multifunctional Ceiling Light
Item Weight: 3.25 Pound

  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Ambient light sensor prevents the light from turning on during day time
  • Has a night mode
  • Can be dim down to 10% brightness and warm white the color tone
  • Light doesn’t come out the sides
  • Material is claimed to be too fragile
  • Sensor sometimes malfunction in a large area

6. Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote

Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light Kit and Remote
We like the modern look and the classic brushed nickel finish. The light is dimmable through the remote and the bulb is not replaceable. The color of the light is more of a warm white than white light and it does put off a fair amount of light. The fan is quiet and seems to move the air really well for a three blade 44” fan.

But know the light isn’t as bright as you would think. The frost on the cover dims the light so it’s been ok for the bedroom. Also, the fan has a reverse airflow feature which will allow you to change the direction of the fan seasonally.

Highlighted Features
  • Design is coherent, compact, and able to fit perfectly
  • Good for medium or small room
  • Integrated matte opal glass light kit
  • Includes one 18-watt LED bulb for energy-efficient illumination
  • 44-in fan provides airflow up to 4,545-CFM
  • Great for small rooms up to 100-sq ft
  • 3 fan speeds allow you to maintain your ideal comfort level
  • Remote control to operate the fan and light from anywhere

Brand: Harbor Breeze
Model: 807421
Item Weight: 17.66 Pound

  • Great for modern style decor
  • Powerful motor along with an integrated led light
  • Will give you the light and air movement
  • Integrated light kit is dimmable
  • Mazon fan is perfect for small room applications
  • Reverse airflow feature allows you to change the direction of the fan seasonally
  • Cooling effect in the summer and warm air distribution in the winter

  • Noisy ceiling fan
  • Light is so dim
  • Installation is not user friendly

7. Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan with light and remote control

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan with light and remote control
Hunter ceiling fans are created for every look and lifestyle with a very advanced heart that guarantees a whisper-quiet, efficient performance for as long as you wish. The fan looks great. Very modern appearance and stable with the rigid upper support; it does not hang and pivot at the mercy of perfect blade balance like most fan designs. The fan is also reversible for all season use. The light in this fan is an energy efficient LED and is a regular sized one, so you can change anytime you want based on your liking. Comes with a remote control for easy operation.

Highlighted Features
  • Contemporary Dempsey fan
  • Comes with LED light covered by cased white glass
  • Whisper Wind motor delivers ultra-powerful airflow
  • Quiet performance
  • Energy-efficient
  • Dimmable LED light bulbs
  • Let you control the lighting
  • Remote controlled

Brand: Hunter Fan Company
Model: 59243
Item Weight: 1 Pound

  • Change the direction from downdraft mode
  • During the summer to updraft mode during the winter
  • Long-lasting bulbs
  • Have longer lifespan than traditional bulbs
  • Adjust the brightness of the light
  • Speed fan with ease from anywhere in the room
  • Noisy ceiling fan
  • Height is not as advertised
  • Light may have blinking problem

8. Ganeed Crystal Ceiling Light

Ganeed Crystal Ceiling Light
Ganeed provides highly efficient, convenient, and high-quality products to its customers, which offers a true and good lighting experience in terms of both ambiance and appearance. This modern crystal LED ceiling light square flush mount lamp transparent electroplating stainless steel chandelier decor, garnished with K9 crystals that give brightness.

It’s a very nice and expensive looking fixture, we like the idea that you can change to 3 types of lighting with a wall switch. First press 3000K, second press 4000K, and third press 6500K.

Highlighted Features
  • Dimmable with three kinds of light color
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Clear crystals made this durable and shining all the time
  • Comfortable light source creates a bright and spacious atmosphere
  • Suitable for the Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, etc.

Brand: Ganeed
Model: B07THNDNB7
Item Weight: 4.35 Pound

  • Dimmable light
  • Variable color temperature from 3000k-6000k
  • Beam angle is up to 120°
  • Energy-saving technology
  • Small in size
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Installation is not easy
  • May not last long
  • It doesn’t look as it is advertised

9. GE LED Night Light

GE LED Night Light
Light when you need It, dusk to dawn technology automatically turns the night light off when the room is lit, and on when the room is dark. Compact size leaves the 2nd outlet free for use, or plug it in to the bottom receptacle to cover unsightly outlets. Safe and dependable, especially great for bedrooms. And the other feature we like is that they are not only auto on/off, but also self adjusting based on light level.

Highlighted Features
  • Light-sensing technology
  • Night light automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Long-lasting
  • Energy-efficient LED
  • No need to replace bulbs
  • Night light stylish, glossy
  • White finish will complement your home

Brand: GE
Model: 30966
Item Weight: 4 Ounce

  • Safe and Dependable
  • Plugs into any standard unused indoor outlet while leaving
  • Reliable night light is UL listed
  • Light smells toxic
  • Not as bright as advertised
  • May fail after a short timespan

10. OSTWIN Dimmable Ceiling Light Fixture

OSTWIN Dimmable Ceiling Light Fixture
OSTWIN MS series ‘Mushroom’ lighting fixture is ideal for commercial or residential indoor using. This light is simple, bright, well designed, and the quality of the light color is really fantastic and natural. We loved the low profile look. They are also dimmable with a compatible dimming switch. They are able to dim down so low with no flicker at all.
ETL is qualified for Safety, Energy Star is qualified for energy saving and real life-span 35,000 hours, Lighting facts is qualified for real energy consumption.

Highlighted Features
  • Uses only 20W which is equivalent to 100W
  • Bulb produces 1735 lumens
  • Integrated LED chips
  • Lifespan of 35,000 hours
  • Light fixture is a great choice for all interior applications
  • Smooth dimming features that range from 10-100%

Brand: Ostwin
Model: OW-LFMMS-11D2030-4-PACK
Item Weight: 11.4 Ounce

  • Compatible with most standard LED dimmers
  • No flickering, noise or annoying glare at any level
  • Light fixture is suitable for damp locations
  • ETL and Energy Star certified
  • Meeting the highest quality standards for safe operation
  • May stop working after a limited use
  • Tend to fade and blink
  • Slow to turn on

11. Progress Lighting P3925-09

Progress Lighting P3925-09
Bring an elegant, subtle softness to your lighting design with the pure and simple demeanor of the Dome Glass Collection’s Two-Light Close-to-Ceiling light fixture. This two-light flush mount features an angelic alabaster glass bowl at the center of the design. For optimal illumination, the ceiling light uses two medium base bulbs that are sold separately.
The ceiling light offers endless versatility when it comes to finding a place in your home décor vision. The ceiling light’s stunning design is ideal for your bedroom.

Highlighted Features
  • Bring an elegant subtle softness to your lighting design
  • Two-light flush mount features an angelic alabaster glass bowl
  • Beveled trim and decorative knob
  • Coated in a beautiful brushed nickel
  • Finish hold the glass shade in place

Brand: Progress Lighting
Model: P3925-09
Item Weight: 4 Pound

  • Easy to follow instructions and easy to install
  • Fully dimmable with dimmable bulbs up to 75W
  • Ideal for any hallway, foyer, or bathroom
  • Casual style settings
  • Has some manufacturing defect in some units
  • Screws that are provided are shorter to work with
  • Made of extremely thin metal

12. Westinghouse Lighting with Frosted Fluted Glass

Westinghouse Lighting with Frosted Fluted Glass
A practical fixture with an artistic touch, this traditional interior ceiling fixture is an ideal choice for basic lighting needs. Simple and elegant, this traditional one-light flush-mount ceiling fixture offers a brushed nickel finish on a banded base. The frosted fluted glass provides substantial, soft illumination.

Perfect for areas without a light switch, the fixture includes a pull chain for easy operation. The flush-mount design makes it ideal for low and high ceilings alike. Wherever you place it, you will enjoy the fixture’s soft light and traditional look.

Highlighted Features
  • Two-light flush-mount interior ceiling
  • Fixture with pull chain
  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Frosted fluted glass
  • Uses two medium-base light bulbs
  • 60-watt maximum

Brand: Westinghouse Lighting
Model: 6721000
Item Weight: 2.3 Pound

  • Perfect for areas without a light
  • Switch includes a pull chain for easy operation
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Offers a brushed nickel finish on a banded base
  • Five-year warranty against defects
  • Pull string may snap off
  • Metal housing
  • May not last long

13. Hunter Fan with Five Burnished Mahogany Blades & Light Kit

Hunter Fan with Five Burnished Mahogany Blades & Light Kit
Hunter indoor ceiling fan with light and pull chain control has a low-profile design. This allows it to fit snug to the ceiling, making it perfect for smaller spaces in your home that need a bit of a breeze like in a bedroom.  The energy-efficient LED bulbs shine through the swirled, marble glass bowl. This low-profile ceiling fan has a 42-inch blade span powered by a reversible, three-speed WhisperWind motor for superior air movement and whisper-quiet performance.

Highlighted Features
  • Includes pull chains for quick and easy on/off
  • Speed adjustments
  • 13-degree blade pitch optimized to ensure ideal air movement
  • Peak performance
  • Includes Bowl light kit with Swirled Marble glass
  • Includes 2 60W incandescent bulbs
  • Give you control of the ambiance in your space
  • Reversible, 3-speed WhisperWind motor
  • Delivers ultra-powerful air movement with whisper-quiet performance

Brand: Hunter Fan Company
Model: 51023
Item Weight: 1 Pound

  • Control dimming
  • Handheld remote or wall control
  • Specially designed low-profile housing for use
  • Low ceilings less than 9′
  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty
  • Chains controlling speed and light are hard to work
  • Motor creates a loud noise
  • May not last long

Buying Consideration of LED Light for Bedroom

Before you purchase a LED light for your bedroom, you must know which type of fittings you are replacing. Not all the fixtures can be fitted in all types of fixture base. The best place to start is to check details on the website of the lights you currently want to buy. This way you can be tension free and can install readily when the product arrives.

Consideration 1: Relaxation
Bedroom lighting has some important aspects to consider. You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, whether you lie down and relax, read a book, browse the internet from your mobile phone, get dressed and last but not the least- sleep. So, you should consider some different types of lights in your bedroom. It will not only set the mood but also will provide aesthetic pleasure.

Consideration 2: Category of Light
LED lights are on top of the favourite category because of being so much energy efficient, LED lights also last much longer than traditional incandescent lighting, so you will save a lot of money over time by not having to buy replacements as frequently. A good quality LED bulb can last for 50,000 hours, which means easily more than a decade of use before it needs replacing.

Consideration 3: Dimmable Features
For a bedroom light, it is mandatory to have a dimmable feature. You can set the light according to your work and mood. At relaxing time you can dim the lights at the lowest possible and while working or reading you can crank the light up based on your need. One important thing associated with the bulb function, is the color temperature. Though the colour temperature is a very personal decision as it helps set the atmosphere of a room but we think ideal temperature for a bedroom light is at best 3000K.

Consideration 4: Light Fixture
After making the previous considerations, you now have to choose the fixture type. To well-lit the bedroom, several light sources are needed. The most common and widely used fixture is the flush-mount type. It directly sits against the ceiling and the light bulb is covered with a decorative glass cover.

Consideration 5: Lighting Choice
Another widely used bedroom lighting choice, the semi-flush-mount fixture is identical to the flush-mount type but it drops down a few inches from the ceiling. The bulbs can be replaced without removing the fixture which is a plus point for this type of fixture. Pendant lights are very stylish as they drop down from the ceiling. They create a mesmerizing ambiance in your bedroom.

Consideration 6: Design of Lights
Also you can choose chandeliers if your bedroom has a sophisticated design. Otherwise it will look very mundane. Apart from ambient lighting, to create accent lighting you must choose wall sconces, track lighting, table lamps, and recessed lighting. These will add a flavor of your own personality across the bedroom.

Consideration 7: Warranties
Most of the good quality lights come with a warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about being scammed. Most quality LEDs have around thirty-fifty thousand hours of lifespan. Enough for worry free lighting and you can just enjoy the look of your bedroom and rejuvenate yourself.

FAQ for Bedroom Lighting

Why is bedroom lighting important for your house?
You spend a lot of time in your bedroom, whether you lie down and relax, read a book, browse the internet from your mobile phone, get dressed, romance and last but not the least- sleep. So, you should consider some different types of lights in your bedroom. It will not only set the mood but also will provide aesthetic pleasure.

What types of lights are good for the bedroom decoration?
For bedroom you can choose flush mount fixture, semi-flush mount fixture, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fan with built in light, recessed lighting, track lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps,and bedside lamps.

Why are dimmable lights good for bedroom lighting?
Dimmable lights are must have for bedroom lighting. You don’t want a constant lighting in your bedroom. Depending on your mood or work type, the lighting condition may vary to be productive. When you want to just relax, having the option of dimming your bedroom lights to the lowest will give you much more comfort. Again, it’s the opposite when you need to do some work done in your bedroom.

Which is the best place for setting light on the bedroom?
The best place to set the lights in your bedroom is on the ceiling, side wall and bed side table. By having this three-way light setup you can have a mesmerizing light setup in your bedroom. The ceiling light will work as the main source of light, also known as the ambient light. The side-wall sconces will help to fill the shadows in your room, and if set to different color combinations you will get a lot for pleasing light in your bedroom. Last of all, having one or two bedside table lamps will help you to quickly light up at night or read books without disturbing your partner.

How many lights are needed for the bedroom?
It really depends on the personal preference of the person and also depends on the room size. A 10×12 square feet room can be covered with one good quality ambient light on the ceiling. But if you think this is not plenty then you can add more based on your liking. Apart from the main source of light, the amount of accent lights is also based on preference. But, we advise you to not overdo anything, as it may seem cluttered. Adding two or three wall sconces will be perfect for any room size.

Last Few Words

Bedroom is the most common and important part of our daily life. All the important time of our life happens in the bedroom most of the time. This is the only and best place where we can relax as we wish. So to make that place cozy and fresh we must use lights which suit our eye and taste of choice.

Due to bad lighting the whole decoration of your bedroom may ruin. So, we recommend you to use the featured lights we are suggesting you here and follow the buying consideration we suggested. You may take help from the expert about it if needed.

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