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7 Best Seller Light Bulb for Bathroom

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If you are looking for the best LED light for the bathroom then this blog is totally for you. We have suggested 7 LED light models which will be the best option for your bathroom lighting decoration. In most cases, the bathroom you are using at your house is one of the smallest places in your house. So you need to take an extra look at choosing LED lights. The reason we are focusing on LED lights for your bathroom has many reasons.

Some of the reasons are based on your choice and some may be your need. So here is the list of reasons:

  • As you need to eliminate all the places of your washroom then you may choose 1 high powered LED light
  • The Led light you need to choose for your bathroom must be water-proof or need to have a water-resistant cover. So that it can save your light from water
  • LED lights are consuming low power and heat which saves your money and keeps your bathroom wall black shed free
  • Size, shape, and wall design of your bathroom will be the major concern for choosing a light for your bathroom. So, be very precise about this.
  • If you do not like heavy light for your bathroom then you can go for segmentize lighting. One for your basin and mirror and other for the shower and other purposes.
  • There are some dimmable LED light for the bathroom which can be the best choice for you
  • You can choose the different color tone light for your bathroom. So that you can use those light day and night times.
  • As we are using the light of the bathroom for short and random based time. We need to choose a durable and long-lasting LED light model for this.

So based on the above consideration and choices we have concluded the following 7 LED light models which will be the best choice for you. Here is their full proposition. Hope you can choose the best suitable one for yours.

1. Progress Lighting Bulb Set

Progress Lighting Bulb Set
Among many LED light models this is one of the best for your bathroom. You can add up to 4 lights in this light set based on your needs. Due to this, you can shift this light model anywhere you want depending on the size of your bathroom. Industrial grade design, fully nickel body, and adjustable light setup have made this light model as one of the best in the market.

The liner shaped design is very suitable for attaching this light set in any place of the wall. Most of the people used to set this light just in front of the mirror of the bathroom. In the case of setting light, you can add LED, CFL, Fluorescent in the light bar. Rust and corrosion-proof body have made this light stripe best for your bathroom. You can also use this light

Highlighted Features
  • Serene-looking design to rejuvenate
  • Clear glass globe shade creates a gorgeous glow
  • Total of four globe-shaped light brackets
  • Can be hanged from one vanity bracket
  • Modern features with antique bronze finish
  • Has a classic look

Brand: Progress Lighting
Model: P300052-020
Item Weight: 6.62 Pound

  • Well built and awesome fixture
  • Stylish design with good quality colors
  • Retro look with modern features
  • Looks more premium than its actual value
  • Easy to install 7 remove
  • It has only one nut to secure
  • If not tightened properly this can tilt easily
  • Wire quality inside is not up to the mark

2. Hardware House Light for Bathroom

Hardware House Light for Bathroom
This is one of the most stylish light bulbs for your bathroom. The design of this light bulb is like a fly trap flower. You can set this in downward or upward as you wish. You can add single or multiple lights in this light chain.

This light is well covered with Alabaster glass which saves it from water and other hazards. Amazing design and high-quality metal have made this light setup popular in the market. Moreover, high lifetime and instant on/off facilities have made this light setup popular to all walks of customers.

Though this light setup has a limited warranty as per the existing user review we will have found that this light setup is very much durable and has a great service life. A high-quality metal body with perfect finishing has made this light bulb most suitable for your bathroom.

Highlighted Features
  • Beautifully crafted to glorify your house
  • Smooth satin nickel finish
  • Has white alabaster glass
  • Four stylish bulb holders

Brand: Hardware House
Model: H10-2469
Weight: 7.05 Pound

  • Glass material achieves a premium look
  • Can take four 60w bulbs
  • Common twist-on bulbs required
  • Shades are great looking
  • Easy to install
  • Metal is thin and kinda flimsy
  • Adjusting it may take some time
  • Socket collar joints tend to break

3. Nuvo Light Vanity Strip

Nuvo Light Vanity Strip
If you want a lucrative and durable light setup for your washroom then you can choose this light stripe. This will give you both decoration necessity and regular need for your bathroom. High-grade industrial design and furnished brush metal have made this light stripe great for your bathroom lighting.

A 1-year limited guarantee and great service life have increased the market demand for this light setup. You can use this both in the bathroom and dining room basin. Additionally, you can use high power lights in this light stripe for makeup room or in your dressing table. So you just need to buy and set up this light for the place.

Highlighted Features
  • Perfect mix of form and function
  • Built from solid metal
  • Polished chrome frame
  • Requires four 100-watt type G medium base bulbs

Brand: Nuvo Lighting
Model: SF77/193
Item Weight: 2 Pound

  • Great inexpensive setup for a vanity
  • Looks great and provide a soothing vibe
  • Modern design with chrome finish
  • Perfect for use in a DIY vanity setup
  • Installation isn’t easy
  • Feels little cheap
  • Difficult to connect faceplate

4. Chende Hollywood Style LED Light Bulb

Chende Hollywood Style LED Light Bulb
As per the user rating and the finishing of this light, the model has made this one of the best lights for your bathroom. In this light set, there are 10 lights. Most of the cases these lights are placed with the mirror of the bathroom. But if you wish you can set this light in any place in the bathroom. Touch switch and dimmable light features have made this light easy to use.

Traditional Hollywood style design has made this LED light bulb more popular to the users. As these lights can be used singly that’s why you can use this light bulb in other places of your house. At the same time, each light has 30 watts capacity which can be very useful for a makeup room or dressing room. As there are 10 lights in each light set, you may use a few for your bathroom and rest for the other places of your house.

The price of this LED light bulb is relatively lower than the other LED light bulb for your house. That is why we can tell this light bulb price-worthy in one word.

Highlighted Features
  • 10 Hollywood style dimmable light bulbs
  • Multiple brightness modes to adjust
  • Perfect light to apply your makeup
  • Easy to install as it sticks on the mirror surface
  • Extra bulbs can be cut off
This is box title

Brand: Chende
Model: LM 10 bulbs kit
Item Weight: 1.1 Pound

  • 4000k color temperature
  • Recommended by professional makeup artists
  • Brightness can be adjusted by smart touch dimmer
  • Applicable for make-up/fill light/decoration/shooting and so on

  • Bulbs may start to fall off
  • The sticky glue can be melted
  • The dim controller is not good quality

5. Progress Single Light Bulb Set

Progress Single Light Bulb Set
If you wish to set a single light for your bathroom then this will be one of the best choices for you. Vintage design looks and high-quality glass protection has made this light well protected and safe from the water hazard. Along with that, you can use CFL, LED, Halogen, or incandescent light in this light set. As a result, you can use this light as you wish.

Like all other light models of Progress Lighting, this light setup is durable, long-lasting. At the same time, the metal part of this light setup is made from high-quality metal and great finishing. This helps the light setup from rust and corrosion.

Due to high protection and quality insulation, the color temperature of the light is consistent all the time. At the same time, this helps your wall from getting back shed or getting carbon deposits in the wall.

Highlighted Features
  • Vintage design
  • Manifests positive energy by releasing a warm glow
  • Thick glass shade
  • Classic handmade appearance
  • Antique bronze finish achieving a classic attitude

Brand: Progress Lighting
Model: P300045-020
Item Weight: 2.64 Pound

  • Glass shade holder is a mechanical latch
  • Reminiscents of antique spice jars
  • Well crafted design and can be used in any bath or vanity setting
  • Warm glow provides a positive aura
  • Glass shade is plain-looking
  • Not the product as is shown in the pictures
  • Vintage look is achieved by adding textures on the glass

6. SOLFART LED Light for bathroom

SOLFART LED Light for bathroom
This glass-based LED light. It is recommended to use just above the bathroom mirror for getting the highest result. If the shape or design of your bathroom permits you then you can use this light model in other places of the bathroom. There are several same types of LED lights that are a similar grade and recommended to use.

Well protected and high quality finished product has made this light model as the most secured and durable LED light currently available in the market. So far we have seen people are using this type of light, especially for decoration purposes. These lights are very much energy efficient too. Considering other light models these lights are a bit overpriced. So you need to think twice before buying this.

Highlighted Features
  • Simple and luxurious design with added crystals
  • Easy to install and has no switch on the light
  • Mirror gloss chrome stainless steel with crystal glass shade

Brand: Solfart
Item Weight: 7.05 Pound

  • Very easy to install
  • Can be used in a damp environment without facing rust issue
  • LED illuminates the bubble crystal glass lampshade
  • The led control module may fail
  • The light is very much blue-tinted (4500k)
  • Some find the light too dim

7. OSTWIN 48 inch Bathroom Light

OSTWIN 48 inch Bathroom Light
If your bathroom is bigger than the natural size then you can use this light. This light model has several size and capacity based varieties. So you need to choose the perfect one for yours. This light brand is very well known for making quality LED lights. Almost all the light models manufactured by OSTWIN are very high graded and long-lasting.

Highly shielded by the glass covers has made this LED light durable. The outer nickel band on both sides of the light never has any report of rust. As per the people’s choice, this is the most sold LED lights for the bathroom. In some cases, you can use this light even for outdoor lighting. In a word, this is a legendary LED light model of all time.

Highlighted Features
  • Clean modern design
  • Simple feel combine for a versatile aesthetic
  • Brushed nickel finish with a frosted acrylic lens
  • Even light distribution
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • Energy-efficient and very economical

Model: OW-LVF21-48D3540-NK
Item Weight: 6.83 Pound

  • Ideal for residential, commercial, and hospitality applications
  • Very easy and quick to install
  • Energy star rated
  • Save some cost over the lifetime
  • Lead, mercury, and UV free for greater health safety
  • Metal housing is flimsy
  • Some may find the light very bright

Buying Consideration of LED Light for Bathroom

As a buyer, you need to be very careful before choosing the LED light model. As this is an electronic item and one of the most important parts of your home, you need to be very careful about this. If you haven’t bought any quality LED light that does not ensure the safety certification or QC passed then you may fall victim to a huge loss of money. In some cases, due to faulty cable connection or it may catch fire.

In some cases, we have seen that due to low grade LED light people fall victim to short-circuit problems. Due to this, they have to waste a lot of money. You also need to be very careful about the switch and the body of the light so that these parts are properly insulated and will not get electrified.

For all of these reasons, we are giving you some suggestions here so that you can choose the right LED light for your home. Quality, safety, and looking is the main concern here for our buying consideration.

Consideration 1: Safety of the stipe & electronics
As a buyer, you need to be sure whether the items are properly insulated or not. In the meantime, please check the safety features of the product. You need to be also sure about the connector and the electronics used in the light setup. This is the primary mandatory thing that needs to be checked before buying LED light for your bathroom. As you are using this in the bathroom that is why you cannot change this item frequently if any problem arises.

Consideration 2: Service Warranty
Most of the LED light companies offer warranty and guarantee of their products. This stands for the quality of the products. It is recommended not to buy any LED light for your bathroom which does not have any warranty. Make sure the light setup you are buying has a warranty card included in the box.

Consideration 3: Manufacturer Reputation
It is said that the manufacturer plays the most important part of the items. A well-reputed manufacturer always tries to keep the quality of its product. So make sure the LED light set you are buying is manufactured by any popular company. It saves you from the problem that occurred by the non-reputed company. Make sure you follow this consideration

Consideration 4: Consider the Protection From Water
As you are using this light in your washroom so you need to be very careful about this. Make sure the lights you are buying are waterproof or have special shields that protect the lights from getting in touch with water. In case your light system gets electrified you may fall victim to a short circuit or it may catch fire. In some cases, due to water-related problems the electric line can be damaged or get electrified. In that case, you may get an electric shock. So make sure it has these protection features.

Consideration 5: Buy from Original Store
It is better to buy the lights from the original or authentic superstore or electric shop. This will make sure that you are buying the original products. In some situations, we have seen that many small and broker shops sell cheap LED lights of popular manufacturers. But in some cases, those are not original products hence that paves the way to being tricked. So be careful. Do not go after the lucrative offers.

Consideration 6: Check User Review before Buying
It is highly recommended to check the existing user review before buying LED light for your bathroom. You can also get suggestions from the industry experts of those who are trading these LED lights for a long time. This will help you to find the best light for your house. User experience and information will help you to compare and find the real difference and price of the products.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Bathroom LED lights

1. Why is safety the main concern for choosing LED lights for the bathroom?
A bathroom is a congested place and most of the place of any bathroom is touched by water. So we need to take extra precautions when choosing a light for the bathroom. It is better to choose an energy-saving LED light for your bathroom. It saves money and keeps your bathroom cool during any long term use of this light. Make sure the lights are properly insulated to keep yourself safe from electric shock.

2. Which is the best place to set bathroom light?
It is better to set the lights of the bathroom at the top of the mirror of your bathroom. If not you can add the light at one side of the bathroom so that there will be less shadow and all the places are illuminated. You can also set the light where the water tap and showers are in distant places to keep the light safe from water.

3. What types of lights are suitable for the bathroom?
We need to set low powered lights for the bathroom. As this is the smallest place of the house you can add any type of light in there. Mostly, LED & CFL lights are used commonly in the bathroom. Make sure the lights you are using are the best quality, highly insulated, and water-proof. Our recommendation is for LED lights rather than the traditional CFL & Fluorescent lights.

4. How to check the authenticity of the light for the bathroom?
For finding the authentic or original lights for the bathroom you need to check the QC passed and holographic sticker of the manufacturer to make sure the validity of the manufacturer. You also need to check the box is intact and solid. You can also buy original lights for your bathroom from the authorized dealers or supers shops. Hope these will make sure you are buying the perfect original lights for your bathroom.

5. Does bathroom size and shape matter for lighting?
Yes. of course. The size of the bathroom matters for the lighting of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small then you can depend on only one set of lights. On the other hand, if your bathroom is segmentized then you can use separate lights with separate requirements for each part.

Last Few Words

Though there is a lot to say about the lighting of your bathroom we are making some short notes for your understanding. Make sure you are buying an authentic and durable product. At the same time, take an expert suggestion from any architect or interior design. This will help you to find the best LED light for your bathroom. You also need to be sure about the pricing of the light set and its guarantee.

If you are cozy in choice then you can choose a different light setting for the different bathroom of your house. It is highly recommended to use both a high and low light intensity bulb for your bathroom. CFL and fluorescent bulbs are not typically suitable for bathrooms. If you are using those lights then the decoration of your bathroom can be damaged at any time. Besides that those lights are not waterproof and have less life than the LED light bulb.

Happy lighting!

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