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13 Best LED Stripe Lights Review for Home Decoration

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For home & office, decoration LED strip lights will be one of the best options. That is why you have to buy the best LED stripe light for yourself. These LED stripe lights will not only help to decorate the room but also helps to improve the living and lighting condition of your home. You can use these LED lights in almost any place of your home as per your need.

Additionally, people are using these LED stripe lights to decorate restaurants, hotels, and other places. Sometimes it has been seen that these lights have been used in wedding programs and festivals to give a charming environment. That is why the importance of using colorful LED stripe lights is increasing day by day.

Considering the importance of these stripe lights we are suggesting several LED stripe lights in this review. This review will help you to find out the best LED stripe light for you. The stripe lights mentioned below are the most used lights by the users. Along with that experts are voting in favor of these stripe lights.

Let’s learn more about these lights before buying one for our own.

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1. L8star LED Strip Light

Designing homes with colorful lights is very common nowadays. The young generation especially wants a colorful room instead of just an ordinary colorless room. Hence we are here to suggest some best and good quality LED strip lights so that one can choose the best light from a broad market of LED strip lights.

This light surely will enhance your room’s beauty by giving an aesthetic look to your room. Besides, you can synchronize the light with your music system. The ambient of your room will reach just another level. Technically advanced features equipped with this light hence music rhythm and color will adjust automatically. Moreover, this light has a self-adhesive back type for security as well. So without any doubt, we are suggesting this supreme LEDstrips light to you.

Key Features
  • Enhance the room’s beauty on the occasion
  • Give your home aesthetic look
  • Light is synchronized with the music rhythm
  • Create a colorful environment in the home
  • Music rhythm and color automatic adjustable
  • Self-adhesive back tape for security
  • Easy installation process
  • App controllable light band
  • Used intelligent technology
  • Mobile controlled light and rhythm
  • High energy consuming

2. MINGER LED Strip Light

It is very popular nowadays to build homes with colorful lights. Particularly the young generation wants a colorful room, rather than just a regular colorless space. Therefore we are here to suggest some best and best quality LED strip lights so that one can choose the best light from a big LED strip lights market.

From MINGER, this one is considered one of the best among others in the market. It features automatic color changing along with RGB and 16 different multi-color options. The light is technically very rich as the company used premium 5050 SMD LEDs to this light. You can easily control dimness and brightest for this light. Moreover in case you need to cut the red tape then you can cut LED tape within every 3 LEDs. Meanwhile, for your utmost safety, the light has been made with safe and superior materials hence it can have protection over short-circuit. Therefore our suggestion is to buy this premium LED stripe light.

Key Features
  • Can change light and color automatically
  • Along with RGB, 16 other multi-color options
  • Used premium 5050 SMD LEDs
  • Dimness and brightness controllable
  • Can cut LED tape within every 3 LEDs
  • Extra tape addable
  • Ensure safe and superior material
  • A short circuit protection system
  • Easy to install and use
  • Non-water resistant
  • Only indoor usable

3. QZYL LED Stripe light for bedroom

According to the customer’s review and consideration, this stripe light is one of the best in the market as the light is equipped with such amazing features.

If you are a color freak then this stripe light is for you because this light has 16 million colors which are also controllable. Besides that this light is controllable via your smartphone. So you can have the utmost user flexibility by using this light.

Meanwhile, this light also has a smart music system along with a Bluetooth facility. Moreover, during movie time this light can turn off automatically. Furthermore, this light has 360 premium 5050 SMD LEDs thus it ensures safety and top quality. Apart from that this light is environmentally fit and sustainable thus no concern over a bad impact on the environment. Therefore we are suggesting to have this one and surely it will be praiseworthy.

Highlighted Features
  • Complete system controllable via smartphone
  • Latest LED flicker-free technology
  • 16 million color controllable
  • Smart music system
  • Auto lights off during movie time
  • Has 360 premium 5050 SMD LEDs
  • User-friendly features
  • Environment friendly
  • Bluetooth facility
  • Not waterproof
  • Not long-lasting

4. Bason LED Strip Light

Colorful lights can bring positive vibes into your room as well as your mind. It also enhances the beauty of a room, as a result, more and more people now using LED stripe lights to decorate their room or an entire home. To make your life easier during finding a good stripe light we come over to suggest you a good featured LED stripe light.

As we are here to suggest a good LED stripe light then we must have to tell you this one could be the best option for you because it featured a lot of exciting and advanced tech-based features. One of the most unique of this light is the appearance of the light. Then it has a maximum of 4096 DIY color mix. You can also have six available dynamic flashing modes along with an automatically operable facility. All in all your expectations can be matched with this LED stripe light.

Highlighted Features
  • Very unique design
  • Maximum 4096 DIY color mix
  • 16 level brightness upgradable
  • Six available dynamic flashing mood
  • Especially suitable for girls’ room
  • Ensure an aesthetic room decor
  • Create a sleeping environment
  • Well designed
  • Automatically operable
  • Easy to install
  • A little bit biased toward girls

5. Daybetter LED Strip Light

Nowadays we are living in a modern world where people want more and more aesthetics. For that people use LED stripe lights in their room or home. It looks amazing in a room or home with colorful lights. Considering all other options available in the market this one could be one of the best. We hope you will look over the following features of this light.

First of all, this LED strip light is technically very sound as it has a 3M adhesive system along with the capacity to run under low voltage. Then this light is equipped with customizable length and size. Besides, you can cut the light after 3 LEDs, and is well stickable in TVs, Cars, or Walls. Meanwhile, it ensures the utmost safety and user flexibility. Moreover, the quality of this light is top class as customers said in their reviews. So all in all this one could be the best option for you.

Highlighted Features
  • Own a strong 3M adhesive system
  • Well stickable TVs, cars and walls, etc.
  • Ensure utmost bright and high quality
  • Run under low voltage (12volt)
  • Cuttable after 3 LEDs
  • Customizable length and size
  • Ensure ultimate colorfulness and durability
  • Low energy use
  • Remote control system to dim the lights
  • 44 different colors and modes available
  • Not water resistant

6. Govee White LED Strip Light

Colorful lights can carry good energy to your room as well as your mind. It also increases a room’s elegance as a result of growing numbers of people now using LED stripe lights to decorate their room or an entire house. We come over to suggest you good featured LED stripe light to make your life easier while finding a good stripe light.

This LED stripe light ensures the utmost brightness along with 300 LEDs. The light can give an ambient and welcome atmosphere to your home. Not only this one provides ultimate brightness but also has six levels of brightness that also fit with every occasion. Besides that, the light can work under low voltage and equip with an ETL power adapter for ultimate safety. So for having a lucrative and gorgeous colorful look for your home you can have this LED stripe light.

Highlighted Features
  • Ultimate brightness
  • Provide 300LEDs
  • Ensure color quality and accuracy
  • Create a welcome atmosphere
  • Have 6 levels of brightness
  • Fit for every occasion
  • Work under 12-volt power
  • ETL power adapter for safety
  • Very simple to turn on/off
  • Easy installation process
  • Flexible for different sizes
  • Cuttable and durable
  • Offer only white color

7. Nexlux LED Strip Light

From Nexlux, this one is technically very advanced along with other interesting features. The light is Fit for every occasion hence it usable in every celebration of your life. Among other choices from the market, you can pick this one. You can operate this light via google assistant and Alexa which is amazing.

Moreover, you can also operate this beautiful light with your smartphone. A dedicated home pro app is available to operate this one. The manufacturer uses the ultimate and utmost use of technology to make this light as flexible as possible. Meanwhile, you can install this one without any difficulties. Apart from that, the light comes in different colors so you can choose your suitable one.

Highlighted Features
  • Made with the latest technology
  • Operate via google assistant and Alexa
  • Colour and brightness control via smartphone
  • Dedicated home pro APP to operate
  • Wifi controllable system
  • Wider application
  • Easy installation
  • Fit for every occasion
  • Multi-colored light
  • Utmost brightness and durable
  • Very expensive
  • Not waterproof


LED stripe lights are now considered a sign of aristocracy as they enhance the indoor beauty of your home and keep your mind colorful. As the LED strip lights are becoming demandable in the market so as new companies are producing this type of light, though all are not good enough to recommend. However, we are suggesting this one to you as it comes with many advanced and latest features.

This LED strip light has a mini controller that is smart enough to control light according to your choice. Besides that, it has 16 colors and 4 DIY modes which ensure utmost safety and long term durability. Meanwhile, the light eliminates low heat which is incredible because we all know that excessive heats are not only harmful to the human but also very harmful for the environment as well. Moreover, the light creates an ambient and sleepy atmosphere in your room to give you a dreamy and tight sleep.

Highlighted Features
  • Smart mini controller
  • 16 color and 4 DIY modes
  • Long service life
  • Low heat elimination
  • Create a sleepy atmosphere
  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable to decor every part of the home
  • Work under 12v power
  • Colour variety is limited

9. Daybetter LED Strip Lights

From customer reviews and ratings we can tell that this LED stripe is one of the best in the market. Almost all customers positively reviewed this light. Strong sticks and advanced technology is used to make this light.

Considering other LED stripe lights from the market this one has a quite strong 3M adhesive which helps to stick lights on your walls, TVs, cars, and cabinets as well. The light provides ultra brightness within your home and creates a colorful environment. Moreover, high quality LED chips are also used to produce this light hence it can secure your safety along with saving energy. You can have 44 different colors mode from this light.

Highlighted Features
  • Have stronger 3M adhesive
  • Stick well on TVs, cars, cabinets, and walls
  • Ultra brightness
  • High quality LED chips
  • Save energy
  • Can work under 12 volt
  • Easy to cut and link
  • 44 different color modes
  • Environment friendly
  • Perfect fit for indoor
  • Long term durable
  • Quite expensive

10. Ej’s LED Strip Light

If you are looking for a LED strip light with a combination of multicolor and energy efficiency then you can choose this one because it can fulfill your desire as it has 16 multicolor options and energy-efficient features.

EJ’s SUPERCAR is the brand that is producing this LED stripe light. The light comes with multicolor features along with 28 available modes. You can easily adjust your brightness. Sometimes you need different brightness as for that they feature the light with an adjustable brightness facility. Besides that, the light consumes low power which is incredible because the world needs this type of sustainable light. Apart from that the light is easily installable and has long-term durability. So have this one you will be satisfied with.

Highlighted Features
  • Provide primary RGB lights
  • Provide 16 multicolored options
  • 28 available modes
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Low power consuming
  • Easy to install
  • Long durability
  • Cuttable without damaging
  • Some people say not eco friendly
  • Can be harmful to the eyes

11. LED Light Stripe for TV

This ultra-modern and technically rich LED stripe light is offering beast features and already has gained trust from the customers. This is one of the best technically rich LED stripe lights from the market. First of all, you can control this light via voice and app. Just imagine you are controlling your LED stripe light with your voice. Not only voice or app but also you can operate this light with google home and Alexa.

Moreover, you can sync the light with the music system. You can feel an ambient environment within your room with synchronized light and music. While you can use this light on every occasion as the light has the utmost user flexibility. Apart from that, the light is waterproof and easily installable as well. So all in all this could be your perfect LED stripe light.

Highlighted Features
  • Controllable via voice and app
  • Works with Alexa and Google home
  • Advanced technology
  • Sync with music
  • Lights auto change music rhythm
  • Fit for every occasion
  • 16 million color variation
  • Waterproof and eye protectable
  • Easily installable
  • High price

12. Cozylady Alexa LED Strip Light

Colorful lights can carry good energy into your room as well as your mind. It also improves the elegance of a home as a result of more and more people using LED strip lights to decorate their room or the entire house. To make your life easier when you’re looking for a good stripe light, we come over to suggest a good featured LED stripe light.

From Cozylady, this model is one of the best selling in the market. The light is equipped with the latest thermal conductive technology so that it can absorb excessive heat. Then the light has the latest chip to reduce any system failure. As a result, you can get continuous service from this amazing light. Besides that to ensure quality they come up with different quality control systems. For user flexibility, the light is controllable via remote and mobile app. Though the light is not waterproof, you can get premium brightness and utmost safety from the light. Moreover, the light is usable with a synchronized music system as well.

Highlighted Features
  • Latest thermal conductive tech.
  • Equipped with enough reinforcement
  • Use the latest chip to reduce failure
  • Various quality control system applied
  • Whole-home decorable
  • Mobile and remote controllable
  • Guaranteed reliability
  • Ensure safety
  • Rich color modes
  • Powerful music function
  • Not waterproof
  • Quite expensive

13. L8star Color LED Light Stripe

This ultra-modern and technically rich LED strip light offers the best features and has already gained the confidence of its customers. This is one of the best-LED stripe lights on the market which are technically good.

First of all, you can monitor this light through your smartphone and a dedicated app. You can also sync the light with the music system. In your bed, you can feel the ambient atmosphere with synchronized light and music. The stripe is cuttable hence you can customize your color combination. You can fit the light anywhere you wish to set it. In the meantime, you can get trusted and guaranteed satisfaction by using this LED strip light. So considering all these amazing features we are suggesting you have this one to decorate your dream room.

Highlighted Features
  • Smartphone controllable
  • Double copper layer for safety issue
  • Flexible hence fit anywhere
  • Multi-colored lights
  • A dedicated app to control
  • Cuttable
  • Fit for every occasion
  • Crete magical atmosphere
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Not eco friendly
  • Sometimes harmful to eyes

Buying consideration for LED Stripe light
The LED stripe light review, we have given in above is one of the topmost in the market. You can buy these LED light strips online without any hesitation. But there are thousands more in the market.

That is why we are suggesting several buying considerations that will help you to get the best LED strip light in the market. These considerations will help you to save your money and give you the best decorative look in the market. Here are the considerations for you.

  • Brightness (Lumen) of the light: Lumen is the calculation of the light of the human eye when viewed. We are also accustomed to using watts to determine the brightness of light due to incandescent lamps. We use lumen today. When selecting which LED strip light you need to look at, Lumen is the most significant element. Notice that there are distinct ways of doing the same thing when comparing lumen production from strip to strip.
  • Colour texture: The color texture of the light is another important factor that you need to consider. As the color context is the outcome of a led flood light then it’s better to choose wisely the color of the light. In the meantime, the color texture should be eye-soothing so that lights should not hamper your eyes.
  • CCT (color temperature of the light): CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) refers to the color temperature of light, measured in degrees Kelvin (K) The temperature rating directly affects what the white light will look like. A light source that has a 2000 – 3000 K rating is seen as, what we call, warm white light. The warm white light looks very orange and/or yellow. When increasing the degrees Kelvin, the color will change from yellow to yellowish-white to white.
  • CRI (color rendering index): The Color rendering index (CRI) measures how colors are correctly rendered under a light source. The index is measured on a 0-100 scale with 100 being a perfect rating of color accuracy. The higher the CRI, the higher quality is the light source, especially in the lighting industry.
  • Wattage consumed by the light: Wattage tells us how much power we are consuming while these lights are on. Be sure to verify the wattage per foot, meter, or reel before you buy. An LED strip light that uses 24 volts will not work if you purchase a 12-volt power supply. You need to choose the correct power unit for your lights to make the best use of your money.
  • Quality of the light: The quality of the LED strip light must be top in quality. Otherwise, it cannot ensure the utter satisfaction of users. As you are buying the light to decorate your room or room so it should be beautiful along with good quality. Therefore before buying LED strip lights for your home consider quality.
  • Cost of the light: The cost of the light is the most burning concern of the LED strip light. The primary concern for any buying LED strip light is the factual expense. Therefore, expenses should be compliant with the schedule. Choose the best choice within your budget that will provide you with optimum fulfillment.

We think most people like to decorate their homes with lights. For that, we are suggesting you use these LED light strips for your home. These lights are great for the living room and bedroom. So we are suggesting you choose any of the models you like. Make sure you are following all the buying considerations before you choose the light stripe models. The more the days are going the more verities are coming in LED stripe models. So make sure you buy the latest one with the most durability.

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