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10 Best LED Lights for Shop: Review & Guideline

by LightHub

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If you are looking for the best LED light for a shop then this review article is only for you. Among hundreds of lights available in the market, we found that LED lights are the most energy-efficient, lower in price and provide the best lighting facilities for both indoor and outdoor locations.

In the meantime, LED lights are the most durable rather than the normal fluorescent and CFL lights. The LED lights are also very healthy because LED lights are not emitting bad rays from the lights.

As LED lights are energy-efficient, people are using these lights in the shopping mall, general shops, garages, and other outdoor environments. In the case of your house, you can use LED lights for your drawing rooms and dining room where we generally need more lights to live.

It is very essential to have proper lighting in your shop. The reason behind that is if people visit your shop and find your shop is operating in dimmed light then your customer can be disheartened and can get confused about your product and services. People may not visit your shop if they find that your shop has not properly lighted then you ultimately lose customers.

LED lights are very much eco-friendly and highly energy efficient. That is why it is highly recommended by the energy authority of all the countries. These lights are much more durable than the fluorescent and CFL lights. That is why most of the people are using LED lights for both their household and industrial use.

So, as a shop owner, this is a mandatory thing to illuminate your shop with the best LED lights in the market. If you can find the best lights for your shop then it is your sole responsibility to add ample numbers of LED lights to your shop.

For your benefit, we are adding the most used and best-reviewed LED lights for your shop. You will learn about the pros and cons of all of these LED lights.

So let’s start with the top 10 LED lights which are best for your shop lighting.

The 5 Top-Rated LED Lights for Shop

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List of Products

1. HyperSelect LED Shop Light

HyperSelect LED Shop Light

Among hundreds of types and brands, this Hyperselect LEd shop light is best for both your shop and home. This LED light will consume 9W of power which is the replacement of 60W CFL light. From the previous versions, this LED light is far more energy-efficient and durable. Besides that, this light is small in size which makes it very much easy to store and set in the wall.

Highlighted Features
  • Very much energy efficient
  • Compatible like daisy chain
  • High beam angle available
  • Very much easy to install and replace
  • Up to 4000 lumen lighting capacity
  • Specially made for office shop decoration
  • Multiple mounting options available
  • Has more durability than similar types of LED lights
  • Offers 5 years warranty
  • This model has a 300 degree beam angle
  • Ideal for large indoor & outdoor arena
  • Sunlight quality high powered real light
  • This light has nearly 25000 life hours
  • Vulnerable to electric malfunction
  • Lower light intensity
  • Not that good for extreme weather condition

2. 42W Sunco Linkable LED Shop Light (4FT)

42W Sunco Linkable LED Shop Light (4FT)

This is one of the best LED lights for shops available in the current market. The long light frame has made this light best for your shop, shopping mall, superstore or large hall room. Besides that, you can use this linkable 4FT LED light in the classroom environment. As this light setup has a metal chain with the frame you can set this light where the ceiling is very high from the floor. Besides that, you can buy this LED light from the store as a single unit or as a package. Due to this, you can buy items as you need to consider your budget.

Highlighted Features
  • All the light models are linkable
  • Highly energy efficient and linkable
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Offers the highest lifetime with 7 years guarantee
  • Has high beam angle & long lighting space
  • Good for both indoor or outdoor environment
  • Multiple light packages are available for this model
  • Linkable feature has made this light good for your shop
  • Commercial grade production has made this light durable
  • Highly reviewed by the users
  • Simple to install and easy to pack
  • 7+ Years guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Low risk of to get damaged
  • Not good for outdoor or open space use
  • Not highly optimized for power savings
  • Low light intensity if the voltage is not accurate

3. Luceco LED Light For Shop

Luceco LED Light For Shop

These lights are used for indoor lighting in the shop. In most of the cases, these lights are used for the garage, large super shops, hallways and other places where people gather most. This high density, high powered light is used mostly for the overall lighting of the office, shops and large spaces. You can use this for the LED light in your drawing-room.

Highlighted Features
  • Multiple light pack with different capacity is available of this model
  • Saved up to 60% more energy efficient than the normal fluorescent light
  • Completely ballast-free lighting
  • More durable and safe than the other LED lights
  • Easy to install in any kind of shop, mega mall, and garage
  • Easy to install and lower installation time required
  • Sunlight quality light available
  • Not linkable
  • Best to use for shops and other big spaces
  • Very much easy to install
  • Light-weight and durable
  • Balanced light warmth
  • Eco-friendly and low energy consumption
  • Polycarbonate body made this LED lights shockproof
  • Do not have linkable features
  • Needs extra wiring for linking with one other
  • Lower light beam angle made this low efficient
  • Relatively low lifetime of the lights

4. OOOLED LED Shop Light


This is one of the best linkable LED lights for the shops currently available in the market. In most cases, these kinds of LED lights are used for decorating the shops in the supermarkets. But these types of lights are very much durable and can be used in any kind of weather. In most of the countries, people are using this OOOLED LED shop light. High lumen intensity with cool light contrast. As per the user review, we are experiencing this as one of the best LED lights for the shop.

Highlighted Features
  • This is a linkable LED light
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • 5 years of after-sales service
  • Can be used at any place rather than the shop or other places
  • Multiple light package is available for this model
  • 5000K daylight light capacity
  • cETLus certified LED light
  • Relatively lower price than the other models
  • Linkable with daisy chain
  • Extra accessories are available with the light packs
  • Pull chain is available for on/off
  • Best for both indoor & outdoor use
  • Wide number of application
  • Not that much energy efficient
  • Bit heavy considering other models
  • V shaped chain model made the lights more clumsy
  • Lower longevity considering the other ways

5. BBounder LED Shop Light

BBounder LED Shop Light

This is another best quality LED light for your shop. This brand’s LED light is similar to Sunco LED light. But as per our concern and market research, BBounder & Sunco LED light is almost similar in feature, light intensity, installation procedure, and some other scopes. That is why you can choose this brand for lighting your shop. Besides that proper limen capacity and integrated lighting system have made this LED light one of the most suitable for your shop lighting.

Highlighted Features
  • Both surface & suspension based mounting system
  • Simple to install & easy to handle
  • 24*7 customer service
  • 5ft power cod is available
  • Metal body with high anti-corrosion facility
  • Cool light is available in all models
  • Many integrated features for garage & shops
  • 240-degree beam angle provides massive light
  • 4 combo pack available
  • Linkable facilities
  • 5 years guarantee with 24*7 customer online support
  • Durable stainless steel metal chain
  • Very simple to install
  • Best for garage space and hallways
  • Possible to mount in wall
  • Not Ideal for home decoration
  • Bit heavy
  • No batteries included

6. Sunco LED Lighting Pack

Sunco LED Lighting Pack

Sunco is one of the most popular LED light brands. This brand is well known for its durability as well as its high-quality product. Considering both the issues they are offering varieties of 4FT LED light packs. You can choose any of the packs as per your needs. The more the bigger the light pack the lower the per-unit cost is. You will be able to link one light pack with another via daisy chain. Flicker-free and damp-proof design has made this LED light pack most popular to the users. This light pack is very much energy efficient and one of the best certified LED light products.

Highlighted Features
  • Industry grade features available
  • Multiple light pack is available with extra accessories
  • High beam angle is available is available
  • Only suspense mounted and has pull chain available
  • 3 light pack is available for this model
  • Up to 4 light connection is possible
  • Relatively high light efficiency & a lifetime of the light
  • Better than normal fluorescent light
  • Energy efficient
  • Commercial graded product with QC passed
  • Eas to install and maintain
  • 4000K cool white light facilities
  • Suitable at any location (indoor/outdoor)
  • Maximized service life
  • Adjustable light direction available
  • Long-range voltage coverage
  • Lower durability
  • Brightness will run low day by day
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Low capacity light

7. Hykolity UFO LED Light for shop

Hykolity UFO LED Light for shop

Above we have mentioned most of the LED lights which are long and mostly used for shop decoration. But these UFO-shaped LED lights are specially made for shop decoration rather than lighting. We have seen this kind of lighting especially in the large super shop for lighting a special section of that shop. These types of lights can also be seen in the large hallways and garages. Durable, heavy-duty features have made this light one of the best choices for people. You can use these LED lights for lighting and decorating your lawn and outdoor spaces of shops. Highly energy-efficient and durable construction has made these lights one of the best-LED lights in the market.

Highlighted Features
  • Up to 80% energy efficient
  • Easy to install and just need to plug & play system
  • Durable in nature and can be used at any kind of weather
  • Both ceiling and wall-mounted features available
  • 50,000 hours of continuous usage capacity
  • Up to 6500K capacity light available
  • Maximum 10-year guarantee offered by the manufacturers
  • Easy to install process
  • Long service life
  • Highly used by people and reviewed
  • Multiple light capacity packages available
  • Has smooth dimming facilities
  • Same service quality all way long
  • Can be useful both the wet, damp and dry weather
  • No battery with the light
  • Relatively high priced
  • Smaller power cord
  • Focused light area made the loss of light

8. Maxxima Utility LED Shop Light

Maxxima Utility LED Shop Light

This is one of the most popular LED light models available in the market. Most of the users have a very positive review of this. This light model has 2 different models. One is a clear lens and the other is a frosted lens. You can choose any of this as per your environment needs. Daylight cool color temperature has made this LED light unique from other LED shop lights. Linkable features and on/off pull the plug has made it more reliable to use.

Highlighted Features
  • 5ft long power cord available
  • Stainless steel daisy chain included
  • Easy linkable features
  • 50,000 hours expected lifetime
  • Good for larger open space
  • Relatively lower beam angle
  • ETL listed model
  • Best for use in shops, garage
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Mercury-free and environment-friendly
  • Can be mounted in-ceiling easily
  • Durable and can be used in any kind of extreme weather
  • Low energy efficient
  • No dimmable features
  • No battery included
  • Low Lumen capacity
  • Only 3 years warranty

9. LZHOME 60W LED Garage Light

LZHOME 60W LED Garage Light

If you are looking for a 360-degree lighting solution then this LED light will be the best choice for you. Totally 360 solutions for illuminating the whole area of cover. These lights are good for lighting the super shops, parking lots and places where you need larger lighting facilities. These kinds of lights are equally good for indoor or outdoor use. As per the user experience, most of the people give this a 5-star rating. This light is basically holder based LED light. That is why you need to put this light only where you have a light holder. At the same time, the design of this LED light is different from the other LED lights which makes it more lucrative.

Highlighted Features
  • High light beaming angle
  • Durable and last long
  • Easy installation and adjustable beaming angle
  • Energy-saving features available
  • 24*7 free customer service from the manufacturer
  • Adjustable light angle facility
  • Best possible 360 lighting facility
  • Adjustable light beaming option
  • Very much energy efficient

    10. Barrina Smart LED Light

     Barrina Smart LED Light

    This is one of the best smart LED lights used in the commercial industry. Specially made LED light strip based technology has made this light more efficient and popular to the users. The LED lights are industrial graded and have 270 degrees V-shaped design to emit the highest amount of ray to outside. T8 fixture, external power cord with on/off switch has made it the best LED light of this brand. You will get a few more accessories with the light packs. This helps you to reduce the installation cost of the light. Like other 44ft LED lights this LED light model is also easy to install and linkable.

    Highlighted Features
    • Very much energy efficient
    • 270-degree V-shaped design
    • Linkable & has external power cod
    • Can be mounted on wall and ceiling also
    • Just plug and play installation process
    • 5000 lumen light intensity
    • Energy-efficient LED light
    • Multiple installation accessories are included with the light package
    • Has individual light on/off switch
    • Aluminum body made light durable and light-weight
    • Combo pack available
    • Do not have any dimmable feature
    • Not good for outdoor lighting
    • Do not have any application for home use
    • Bit warm light

    Consideration Before Buying
    As LED lights are the most commonly used items for lighting your home and shopping mall/shops. We have to be very careful about choosing any LED light brand for lighting our shop or home. In the case of bulk LED light purchase we have to be very careful because it is directly related to pricing. You may ultimately lose a lot of money if you choose the wrong brand. That is why we are suggesting you several tips so that you can choose the best LED light for your shop. Here are the suggestions:

    • Try to follow the review of the customer before buying; if the review is good then you should choose that. In the case of a new product launch, you should compare the features with the previous model as well as the guarantee.
    • Please do not go for the offer or buy one get one free until they are offering you a proper guarantee for each product.
    • In all the cases you should choose the renowned brand. It will help you to buy the most durable LED light for your shop.
    • Try to get feedback from the other shop owners about LED lights of their shop before you purchase. This will help you to choose the best LED light shop for your shop.
    • For massive commercial use or any large scale purchase, it is recommended to directly contact the manufacturer rather than the suppliers or retail shop. It will help you to buy items at a low cost with a guaranteed product.
    • Make sure the beam angle of the light is perfect for your shop. Because LED lights with low beam angles are not good for shops.
    • How much energy your LED lights are consuming is a great deal for you. If you buy any LED lights which are not that much energy efficient it will result in a high electricity bill for your shop at the end of the month. So keep this in your mind before buying LED lights for your shop.
    • If you found any LED light brand with dimmer then you can choose that for your shop. The reason behind that, you do not need full-powered lighting for your shop in the day time. You can adjust the light power with the dimmer to manage the power and adjust the required light for your shop.
    • Do not buy any LED light which needs extra wiring for setting up.
    • Make sure that all the LED lights you are buying from the store give you the guarantee of each light. This will help you to keep safe from the loss.

    So, we are suggesting that you need to follow the above rules to buy before any LED light for your shop. Keep this suggestion in your mind all the time before purchasing LED lights.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which are the best brands for LED lights?
    There are hundreds of LED light models available. Not all of the LED light brands are not that good. For the best types of LED lights we are suggesting you buy Barrina, Sunco, BBounder are the top most brands for the LED light in the market.

    Are linkable LED lights good for shops?
    It depends on the shape and decoration of that specific shop. In most of the cases, linkable LED lights will help you to light your shop properly. But in case if your shop is not that big or does not have any suitable decoration facilities then it will not help that much.

    What are the criteria before buying LED lights for shops?
    There are several things you need to consider before purchasing LED lights for your shop. You have to be very clear about the budget of your durability of the product. Besides that, you have to be very clear about the guarantee of the LED lights. You may contact several experts before buying any LED light in bulk.

    Is energy efficiency the main concern for buying LED lights?
    Actually not. This can be one of the concerns for buying LED lights but not the major. You need to consider light efficiency, the actual need for the light and some other issues like durability, longevity and people’s review of the product.

    What are the types of LED lights available in the market?
    Basically, there are 10/12 favorite or popular brands of LED lights but if you consider the shape & type we can categorize the LED lights in 3 types. They are long strip based light, bulb systems and linkable.


    Last but not the least, one thing to share with you guys. If you wish to buy the perfect LED lights for your shop or mega mall you should choose something we have shown you above. In case of choosing other models and brands please try to compare with the models we are recommending. If not please try to follow the buying consideration we are proposing in this article. Hope all the write-ups we have done for you in the above have met the demand of yours. If you need any more information or need more support please visit our blog section so that you will get more information about this. It is highly recommended to use high quality LED light to conserve energy and keep the earth safe.

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