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10 Best LED Lights for Garage & Workshop Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you are looking for LED lights for the garage then please read the following article very carefully. We will describe the best LED lights and their features along with its merits & demerits. This will help you to find the best LED lights for your garage. We will derive you in such a way that you will easily find out the most suitable LED lights for you.

LED lights are currently the most energy efficient lights for home and commercial use. At the same time quality LED lights are using the latest technology to save energy. As per our study we have seen that LED lights can be upto 75% more energy efficient than the traditional CFL lights. That is why the number of LED lights using is increasing day by day.

LED lights will save both money and energy for you. Low energy emission and high intensity light features have made LED lights more popular. LED lights are also very environmentally friendly. Beside that LED lights have more life hours than the other types of lights. So, in a word LED lights are the best choice for you both in home and commercial use.

Here is the list of best LED lights which are best for garage and workshops. Please read the following LED lights product details carefully to find the right one for you.

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List of Products

1) Barrina 4FT LED Utility Light

Highlighted Features
  • This can be used both for the home and garage
  • Long life span
  • Made from Aluminium+PC
  • Instant on features
  • 6 pack with power cod is available
  • Super bright light intensity
  • Easy to install
  • Can be added any place you want
  • Upto 3 Years unlimited warranty & replacement service
  • Has linkable features
  • Wide range of application
  • Suitable for lighting at any place
  • Long life span
  • Simple & Easy shape and easy installation
  • Durable than any other 4FT LED lights
  • Smooth service life
  • High light beaming angle
  • Has no dimmable option
  • Relatively high power consumption
  • Not good to use at outdoor environment
  • May break sometimes during installation
  • Not Water-proof

2) ACI 80W LED Garage Lights

Highlighted Features
  • 3 Adjustable light panel
  • Instant on light
  • Quick installation possible
  • Very much energy efficient and radiation free
  • Super bright light settings
  • Can be foldable upto 90 degree
  • More than 50,000 hours life time
  • 80W high power LED in each part
  • Environment friendly
  • Daylight light quality
  • Very good for large space like workshops and garage
  • High light intensity
  • Upto 85% energy savings possible
  • 100% money back guarantee and lifetime service guarantee
  • Not Waterproof
  • No battery included
  • Bit hot light
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

3) Zitrades 60W Deformable LED Garage Light for Garage, Warehouse, Workshop & Basement

Highlighted Features
  • Offers bright lights & energy saving features
  • Has an adjustable design
  • Very easy to install
  • Has high quality
  • Up to 90 degree foldable
  • Has 6000lm light capacity
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Daylight powered capacity
  • High quality plastic body
  • Flexible design
  • Has adjustable light direction
  • Suitable for large spaces
  • 360 degree lighting solution
  • Simple & easy to install
  • Longer service life
  • Saves upto 85% energy
  • Deformable in shape
  • Has no dimmable features
  • Can not be used at outdoor environment
  • Though made from plastic body but not water-resistant
  • No specific warranty information

4) JMTGNSEP 3 Panel Led Shop Lights for Garage & Basement Ceiling

Highlighted Features
  • Most suitable design to use at the garage
  • Adjustable lighting direction
  • Build win SMD chips
  • Plastic made body for better insulation
  • Over 50,000 life hour
  • No extra wiring
  • ETL certified LED light
  • Has energy saving features upto 85%
  • Best tri-LED light for garage & workshops
  • Premium energy saving features
  • High intensity light capacity
  • Longer life span
  • Easy to install
  • Moving joints are flexible and durable
  • Light colors are cooler than otherLED lights
  • Not water-proof
  • Cannot be used at outdoor facilities
  • Not suitable to use at small spaces
  • No specific guaranty time offered
  • Not good looking

5) Tanbaby Adjustable LED Garage Light Bulb for Garage

Highlighted Features
  • Wide angle LEd light design
  • 360 degree light angle design
  • Durable and long service life
  • 50,000 hours life expectancy
  • Can be used at any indoor environment
  • 24 month warranty
  • Good for use in any weather
  • ELT certified
  • Durable in nature
  • Consistent service quality
  • Manufacturer offers quality after sales service
  • Wide light angle
  • Strong heat dissipation
  • Energy saving feature enriched
  • Environment friendly
  • Instant on/off features
  • Not water-resistant
  • Cannot be use for light decoration
  • No battery included
  • Not dimmable

6) LZHOME 2-Pack LED Garage Lights with Adjustable Panels

Highlighted Features
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Brighter than other LED lights
  • Has energy savings mode & environment friendly
  • Simple design and easy to install
  • Durable and long life time
  • 2 years specified battery life
  • Suitable in any weather
  • Adjustable and easy to move
  • Very much energy efficient
  • Heavy duty features
  • Saves lot of energy & electric bills
  • Long quality standard record from the manufacturer
  • Has no dimmable feature
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Some lights may defused at times
  • Cannot be used for home use

7) Tanbaby Deformable Tanbaby LED Garage Light

Highlighted Features
  • Specially designed LED light for garage
  • Light direction is adjustable
  • Super ultra light brightness
  • ETL certified LED light
  • 360 degree lighting capacity
  • Can be used at any big space
  • ETL certified light
  • Durable in nature
  • Can be used at any larger space
  • Long service life guaranteed
  • Simple installation procedures
  • Cool light temperature
  • Heavy duty lighting capacity
  • Light design is not that good looking
  • Has no dimmable facilities
  • Not linkable

8) Falive Deformable LED Garage Ceiling Lights for Garage & Workshop

Highlighted Features
  • Deformable and shiftable LED light
  • Has energy savings features
  • ETL certified & environment friendly
  • Heavy duty light body
  • Upto 20ft light density
  • Easy & simple installation system
  • Upto 50,000 light hours lifetime
  • Good for parking lot & garage
  • Very much energy efficient
  • High intensity light capacity & cool light temperature
  • Long service life
  • Durable in nature & can be used for long time
  • Alike others it has no dimmable features
  • Plastic materials are not that good
  • Light intensity may lose as days passes

9) MOFUT 60W LED Garage Ceiling Lights with Screw Socket

Highlighted Features
  • Upto 90 degree deformable
  • 360 degree lighting capacity
  • 50000 hours service life
  • Light set has screw based socket
  • 6000-6500K light intensity
  • Heavy duty service life
  • Easy & simple to install
  • Guaranteed service life
  • Cool color temperature
  • Light intensity remains same all time
  • Can be used at any large open space
  • Energy efficient
  • Has less protection of light
  • Lights has some breakdown history
  • No dimmable capacity
  • No sensors added

10) FIMITECH Deformable & Adjustable Panels LED Garage Light

Highlighted Features
  • 60W high intensity light capacity
  • Upto 85% energy saved by this light
  • Smooth looking & cool color temperature
  • It has E26 base
  • Provides upto 6000lm light intensity
  • No need to use extra wiring or tools
  • Simple installation system
  • Long & durable service life
  • Consistent light performance
  • Can be used in drawing rooms and household use
  • Perfect LED light track record
  • No specific service guarantee
  • Not dimmable
  • Has no battery
  • Not linkable

Consideration Before Buying LED lights For Garage

LED lights are the most essential items for decorating your garages. In the meantime, this is also a mandatory thing to choose the most durable and economic LED lights for your garage. This will help you in many ways. So to pick the best LED light models we are offering you some suggestions which will help you to find the most suitable light for your garage and workshop.

Before ordering LED lights from any online shops or any electronics store you should follow the following rules. Here are the list of consideration you need to check carefully:

Perfect fitting
You need to be sure the fitting of the light is perfect for your garage or the workshop. If the fitting is not perfect then you need to add extra wiring and some other items which will cost you more than the expectations. So before you buy LED lights for your shops please get the proper measurement of your garage and store. This will help you to choose the perfect LED lights for your workshop or garage.

Energy savings features
This is the most important concern for the garage owner. Because this is the most crucial part of your fixed operating cost. By using energy saving LED lights you will be able to mitigate the risk of fixed electric bills. At the same time in many countries you will get a tax rebate due to low energy emission and use of environment friendly electric items. Most of the LED lights offer upto 85% energy savings features. So you can save a lot from your operational cost. So you need to consider this thing before buying LED lights for your garage/workshops/stores.

Light beaming angle
Light beaming nagle is one of the most important parts of LED light. The higher the beaming angle the brighter your place will be. That is why try to buy LED lights which have a higher beaming angle. In some LED light models there are adjustable light beraming angles. Adjustable light beaming angle can help you to shift the directing of light as your wish.

Color temperature
LED lights have many color temperatures. But you need to pick the perfect one for your garage. You do not need any high color temperature for your garage. It is preferable to choose a lower color temperature LED light for your garage/workshop.

Dimming Features
You do not need to put all of your light with the same intensity all the day. You need to adjust the LED light intensity time to time. That is why you need to choose a LED light model which has dimming features. It will help you to save more electricity hence it saves your money.

Wiring & linkability
Please try to choose LED light models which do not need any extra wiring. If you need to add extra wiring with the LED lights then it will not be efficient. That is why choose LED lights which do not need and extra wiring. Beside that if you found any LED light models which have linkability facilities. This will help you to connect multiple lights at the same time.

Wattage & luminosity
Perfect wattage of LED lights needs to be ensured before buying. Without that you may fall victim of low lighting or over lighting. You need to be very precise about the wattage of LED lights. Perfect luminosity of LED light will ensure you the perfect environment for your garage.

Certifications & Guarantee
Quality certificate and mandatory guarantee of the LED lights is a must thing. You need to be sure that the LED lights you are buying must have an ELT certificate. It is mandatory that the LED lights you are purchasing have the guarantee. The guarantee ensures that the lights you have brought for your garage have the service quality and durable. Most of the LED light brands are offering a minimum guarantee of 24 months to up to 7 years guarantee. Make sure you are confident about this information before you are buying LED lights.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ): LED Lights For Garage

What are the mandatory features for LED light for the garage?
There are several features which you need to consider during the time of LED light buying. You need to be sure about its energy savings features, longevity and service guarantee. If you consider these 3 things you will be able to buy the perfect light for your garage. At the same time you need to go through the customer review before buying LED lights.

Which is the best brand ofLED light?
There are several brands which are known best for LED lights. These brands have a good market reputation and good track record. This makes them best in the market. Some of the well known brands are Barrina, ACI, Tanbaby etc. you can choose any of the brands which has ETL certification.

What are the things to consider for buying LED lights?
You need to consider many things before buying any LED light for your home or garage. Firstly you have to choose your budget and quality of the light. Then you should choose the service life, guarantee information and performance and features of that light.

How can we find the best LED lights?
There are not that many fixed rules to find the best LED lights. You need to be sure that the light has a good service quality and has all quality certification like ETL. If you have these confirmation then you can be confirmed about choosing the best LED lights for you.

How long do LED lights last?
This depends on the manufacturer. But in most cases, LED lights have an average service life of average of 50,000 hours. In some premium LED light you will find 60,000 hours. Some low quality LED lights have only 20,000 hours. The light hours mainly depend on the LED stripes they are using in their lights.

How much energy efficient is the LED light?
Most of the common LED lights are offering upto 85% energy efficiency. In some models you may get upto 90% light energy savings options. But considering the light features and capacity you need to choose the best LED light for you.

Last Few Words
As you are buying these LED lights specially for commercial use that is why we are recommending you to choose any recommended model from the above. This may save a lot of money, time and hassle to find the best LED light for commercial use. Do not forget to use the promo code if you have any. Lastly, follow the instructions mentioned above. Hope by that you will be able to find the best Led lights for your needs.

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