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10 Best Ideas for Bedroom Lighting For a Better Living

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Your homemaking process consists of a long set of decisions regarding your room setup. You look for colours for walls, appliances, cabinets, and so on. But having utilities is a significant decision to take. The lighting for each room needs separate attention.

The bedroom is one room that you should give a significant amount of thought to.

Bedroom Light setting

The bedroom is the center of the whole house. There aren’t any living quarters that don’t have a bedroom. In a standard four-member family, you can expect a minimum of three bedrooms in an urban setting. The lighting of the rooms also has a specific set of requirements. Each type of place in a house has its requirements. Each corner or section of the house needs a particular kind of lighting. Being one of the central kinds of rooms in the house means that bedrooms have much more needs for proper lighting. Many factors are going into choices.

The bedroom is very intimate and also kind of a haven of sorts for family members. People like to feel the safest during the time of sleeping. Couples share intimate moments, kids have their safe place, and the whole family comes in sometimes to be together. All of these things attach themselves to the bedroom. So the lighting in such a room has to be very distinct. You can look for various items to decorate your bedrooms. As for lighting, you can make use of some nifty ideas. But it’s a good practice to know about particular types of lights that may be worth your consideration.

Types of bedroom lights to consider

As we said in the beginning, each type of room requires a different set of lights. A bedroom is a place of resting and a sanctuary for the body to rest up and heal. So, there are some types of lights you can consider for your bedroom.

We have gone past the initial hurdle of procuring artificial lighting sources some centuries ago. We have got a permanent set of lighting equipment available to us. There are some distinct types of bedroom lights that you can use. Here are some options.

Pendant Lights: In the world of standard bedroom lights, pendant lighting is the most common form of decorative lighting. It has a theatrical feel to the overall setting. Nowadays, most of the aesthetic decorations go for the pendant lighting effect. But there are a few drawbacks when it comes to room size or logistics.

Sconces: Sconces are very innovative designs for bedroom lights. They almost look like standard light or lamp. But the difference here lies in the placement. The lights use only the wall for support. It can save a lot of space and also provide a unique lighting experience. The sconces, however, can’t be considered for a large bedroom. Then you need more lights.

Recessed lights: Recessed Lighting is a system where you place the lights in the ceiling. It is similar to the execution of sconces, but you need hollow placements on the roof to put the lights. Recessed lighting is a perfect option and makes the room reflect quite well. But there is a significant amount of cost when installing such a type of system.

Lamps: Bedside Lamps are just classic bedroom lighting arrangements. If you don’t want to overcomplicate the settings, then the bulb is only the option for you. It needs some bedside table arrangement and so on. But if you are looking for extravagant ways to light up your bedroom then lamps may be too simple for your taste.

The Ideas for Bedroom lights

Layer up the lighting
As we covered in the initial stages, the bedroom needs a touch of personality. When we assign somebody their room, then we tend to assign them their bedrooms. So, there is a hefty weight of character in each of the rooms. So using a couple of layers of lighting might be a good idea to start. Your room not only has a bed but also has some other furniture or container units.

The walls and the decorative beauty of the room is also an critical view. Your lights have the job of making your bedroom stand out in terms of colour and decoration. Last but not least, you have to have the least amount of light to make sure of visibility. So you have to make sure all the layers of lighting covers these necessary actions. Using layers in lighting brings both aesthetics and also personality to your bedroom.

Think about Dimensions
Your room’s size is a vital aspect of homemaking. Usually, the quantity and dimensions of the rooms dictate how your setup will be. If your room’s dimensions don’t support your set up ideas, then you will face some logistical difficulties. The same is true for lighting. Installing lights go hand in hand with the size and metrics of your room.

The area of your room plays out the same way as any area related math is. You have the width, breadth, and height. You have to know about the particular size-related metrics. Then you can have a better understanding of what you need to do to make the lights much more effective. Taking a closer look at the dimensions of your room gives you the approximate costs you need to light up the whole room. As a smart homemaker knowing these aspects give you a heads up on how you should approach your solutions.

Energy Saving Options
Once you have decided on the dimensions, you also need to think of sustainable choices for your lighting. We know that we have a shortage of power sources. So, we should make better choices regarding our light purchases. Traditional bulbs or incandescent decisions can make for a massive electric bill.

We should start investing in or considering lighting options that save us energy. CFL, Halogen, and LED lights are some excellent options for you to consider for your lighting in terms of energy saving. If you have good energy-saving options, you should go for them. The bedroom may be an essential lighting decision, but you also can’t think of overdoing it terms of extravagant lights. These CFLs or LEDs should provide views that are more than sufficient for bedroom use.

Bedroom Style

As we are on the topic of ideas for bedroom lights, we have to talk about the bedroom in detail. The style of your bedroom has a lot to do with how you set it up. As the bedrooms are the main sleeping quarters, designers base the whole household on the bedroom. The style, dimensions, and shape go into the final decision of how the entire house should be.

In the case of lighting, the same principles follow. If your bedroom style is one type, only a particular kind of lighting system will work here. So, if you have a circular bedroom, you have to install a kind of light. If you have a square or traditional shape of the bedroom then maybe lamps or sconces come in as a functional lighting option. If you don’t consider the bedroom style when you are buying lights, then you cannot have suitable matches.

Late Night Working provisions
Your bedroom might sound like you would use it just for sleeping quarters, but there is much more. It is your own space. Chances are you would want to do some late-night study, work, or just casual reading. Then you need to have some provisions for lighting for your other work.

A natural knee jerk option for your reading lights would, of course, be small lamps. When you are designing a bedroom lighting system, make sure you have power outputs for your bulbs. Designated sconces for your late-night reading is also an excellent idea for your reading needs.

If you keep your primary lights as the only option for your reading, then it might be troublesome for your partner if you have someone with you.

Light up from below
An innovative idea for lighting up the bedroom is adding lights from the below. This addition means that you can add lighting options on the floor. Doing this means flipping the switch in terms of the design. We usually add lights on the wall or at a high vantage point. But in the case of bedrooms, you can flip the script.

If you add floor lights, then the room has an ambience about it. The type of lights you should consider for this type of lighting choice are floor lamps. Floor lamps can make your bedroom feel like a colourful light show if you can make the proper arrangements.

Pendant Lighting
We spoke about pendant lights before. Pendant lights are beautiful additions to your lighting arrangement. They are even more impressive when you have them in your bedroom. The lantern-like aesthetics take you in an almost rural setting. Pendant lighting has a similar effect on your bedroom. One of the better types of bedroom lighting for sure.

Wall Sconces
This type of lighting beats the standard set of lights if you want a more minimal design to your home. Sconces are very decorative forms of lighting that you can arrange on the wall. It might save you some ceiling space. If you are not a fan of having your bedroom lit up to the fullest, then wall sconces are definite dealbreakers for you.

Lamp arrangements
Lamps are perfect bedroom lights that make up the most use cases. These types of lamps are underrated, and they light up the appropriate area of the sleeping quarters. The chances are that you won’t have only one fire in the room. As you have multiple bulbs in your bedroom you should make sure they match up.

If your lamps don’t match up, then your bedroom aesthetics don’t seem good enough. The mix of colours and brightness will make the room not comfortable to view. So when you are arranging the lighting, make sure you have the same type of lights in one place.

Have Alternative lighting arrangements
Your bedroom lighting doesn’t need to only be about lights. There are more ways to decorate your bedroom in terms of lighting needs. Light methods take some costs, and you need to make sure that you get value for your money. So, instead of having all the money spent on buying lights, you can get creative.

One of the more creative steps is, making sure you have crystals on your ceiling. The rocks aren’t actual crystals but replicas that shine. From a roof, if you have a hanging point, you can add some replica crystals. Your lights will reflect and give off a magnificent view.

You have a lot of options when you want to have a bedroom lighting solution. Your bedroom is a personal space for you, and you need to bring out your best possible lighting Ideas. If you add the things we mentioned and add a bit of a personal touch to the making of your lighting. You should also make sure you are doing sustainable practices to ensure that we don’t have wastage of energy resources.

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